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We all need a little space now and then…

People decide to take a quiet day or a retreat for all kinds of reasons. For some it may be part of a rhythm of reflection/action that they find balances their life. Others may decide that they just need ‘time out’ to think and pray. For some a quiet day comes at a time of decision-making or struggle. For others it is the joyful embracing and celebrating of a particular stage of the journey. And for others it may just be that they feel tired and in need of some rest and renewal. You may have a significant reason for taking ‘time out’ or no real reason at all except that it is a good idea to balance life’s busyness with rest and reflection.

Download the brochure ‘Space for Yourself’ to discover more about how Stillpoint may be for you a place for prayer, retreat, listening, resourcing, worship and community – a place where you can find a little space for yourself now and then. Click here…

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