A Message from Rev Dr Gary Stuckey  

garyOne of the strong images of our faith is that of journey. We can think of God’s call to Abraham to leave his home country to go to a place that was not yet apparent. There is the journey of the Exodus. We might think of the journeying ministry of Jesus or the missionary journeys of Paul. Movement seems to be a constant reality for the people of God.

As you are no doubt aware, Stillpoint is on the move. As a continuation of the ministry in Christian Spirituality that has been a part of the Uniting Church in SA for around 30 years, the Stillpoint Centre has continued that work from the beauty of the Nunyara site at Belair. Over these last 10 years at Belair, the Centre has been a very special place for many people. As a place for rest, renewal and retreat Stillpoint has encouraged many on their own journeys of faith.

But the time has come to move on. In the 2015 Annual Programme brochure I quoted T S Eliot. I do so again, but with a different quote. From Little Gidding: “To make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.” Stillpoint at Belair will end with the conclusion of my placement on 31st December 2016 and the closure of the Stillpoint House by 31st January 2017. But as Eliot reminds us in his poem, the end is where we start from.

Whilst there is sadness at leaving Belair, the ministry in spirituality will continue. This ending is a new beginning. All the details of what this change will mean have not been finalised, but we are delighted to be able to share with you what we know so far.

From February 2017, Stillpoint Spirituality will be in alliance with Christ Church Uniting at Wayville. Christ Church will be the administrative base and contact point for the ministry in spirituality. The Stillpoint Faith Community will continue its worship life there on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month. The Thursday prayer, meditation and Communion service will take place there. From time to time other elements of the Stillpoint programme, such as Quiet Days, will also be held at Christ Church. We are currently seeking a home for the Tuesday prayer, meditation and Communion service in the Belair area. In addition more of the Stillpoint ministry will be located in various places around Adelaide and if possible various country centres.

From February the contact phone number for Stillpoint will be 8271.0329. The website address and emailing address will remain the same. The website will be an excellent place to keep up to date with the changes at Stillpoint as they take place and to keep in touch with what is happening in the Stillpoint programme.

I thank you for your support of this ministry in the past and trust that as it moves forward in a new way it will continue to encourage and nurture you in your journey of faith.

Gary Stuckey (Rev)