Blessing for Stillpoint

A Blessing for the Brothers and Sisters of Stillpoint

We set around you this day
The keeping of GOD, the Honourable Father
The guarding of GOD, the Self emptying Son,
Who holds all things together.
The indwelling GOD, Gentle Mother, Spirit Holy
Who makes the human heart Her home
The encircling round about of GOD, the Sacred Three
First and Greatest Community
For all the comings and goings out
Of the eagerness and thirst of your search
And your soul’s longing for GOD and union with Him.

Father and Son and Spirit
Bless you all
Sustain you and nourish you
Deep within the very fibres of your being
When your soul’s journey is dark, and when it is flooded with light.

We thank Jesus for each of you
For yourselves and your vulnerability to make this soul’s journey
We pray for your safety in your travelling
That your life and the lives of your loved ones be cherished
That your courage and resolve be strengthened
That you be graced with wisdom and discernment
In the stillness and solitude of your being
In the dark where God is mystery
And in the light where He is known.

May you be shielded and watched in the nearness of Jesus’ love
May you be brought to the land of peace,
The joy in His presence,
And the healing warmth of His love.

Blessing given by Helen at the Holy Transfiguration Community
Teesdale, Victoria, 20 November 2013

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