Journey Prayer

A Prayer for the Journey

God of travellers, 
as we prepare to move forward into the unknown, 
we commit ourselves and our journeying to you.

Equip us with the map of your choosing,
and the inner compass of your Spirit’s guiding.

Give us wisdom to take only what we will need,
and the courage to leave the rest behind.

When we are weary or hurting on the way,
we ask that you lead us to green pastures and still waters,
for rest and time to heal;
food and water to refresh our bodies
and nourish our souls.

Help us cherish the views from the mountain tops,
yet still be ready to return to the valleys of growth;
to seek you along the highways and byways of this world.

Help us to be patient with those who share our journey,
always ready to lend a hand and walk the extra mile.

Grant us open eyes and hearts to recognize your presence
in all we meet along the way.
May we be generous in offering
and gracious in receiving compassion, understanding and love.

Journey with us dear Lord,
ahead of us, beside us and within us,
and lead us along your Way of Wholeness and Holiness.

(By Lynona Hawkins)

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