Stillpoint Portable Labyrinth

Stillpoint has a portable labyrinth which is available for hire and for use either indoors or outside. The labyrinth is an ancient tool which invites people to walk “a sacred path” as they pray and reflect. One of the more well-known labyrinths lies in the floor of Chartres Cathedral outside Paris. In the Middle Ages, when a pilgrimage to Jerusalem could be expensive or dangerous, people were invited to walk the winding paths of the labyrinth and pray as they journeyed in to the centre and out again. (see our labyrinth below)

Sometimes people walk the labyrinth with a particular issue, question or prayer in mind and find a new insight coming as they wind around its paths. Or it can simply be walked in a prayerful spirit of openness, noticing what comes into mind and heart during the journey. This can be a way of prayer that goes deeper than words.

Stillpoint’s labyrinth was designed and created for us by well-known SA artist Cedar Prest. We can lay it out in a garden, or in a chapel, or take it with us to an event, or hire it out. (A leaflet is available to guide you as you use it.) You may enjoy the labyrinth information and news from Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. Visit them here.

The cost to hire the Stillpoint Labyrinth is $25.00 for one week. Please ring the office to book during office hours Thursdays 10am – 2pm or contact us by email.

Stillpoint Portable Labyrinth

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