Exploring Spiritual Practices

Stillpoint has begun a series ofSpiritual Practices online articles focusing on areas of Spiritual Practice. The articles are being developed by members of the Stillpoint Ministry Team and the first three in the series are available below (click on the article title to open or download it).

What are Spiritual Practices?
An introduction to Spiritual Exercises by Rev Dr Gary Stuckey, former Director of the Stillpoint Spirituality Centre
“Spiritual practices are any activity which we undertake to help nurture our relationship with God, the spiritual dimension of our being. We are always in relationship with God, whether we realise it or not, but spiritual practices help us awaken to the reality of God in our lives and then to live out of that awareness.” 

Sacred Reading (Lectia Divina)
By Rev Gary Stuckey
“Lectio Divina which is also known as Sacred Reading, Holy Reading, Meditative Reading or Praying the Scriptures is a spiritual practice that has long been practised in the Church and has recently been rediscovered and recovered…Lectio was fundamental to monastic spiritual formation and the principle way of meditating for the monks.  “

Journaling as Spiritual Discipline
By Lynona Hawkins, member of the Stillpoint Ministry Team
“Our world seems obsessed with electronic devices, busy, driven outer lifestyles and precious little quiet reflective space. Journaling offers us the opportunity to withdraw from the rush and bustle for a time, to move ‘inside’ and discover our true selves, to search for meaning in our lives and to connect with God or whatever we call the Sacred Presence.”

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