Stillpoint: Our Core Values and Guiding Principles

Stillpoint draws together people who feel called to live out and uphold attention to the prayer, silence and discernment that are part of the “life in its fullness” to which Jesus Christ calls us. We seek to live out this calling with passion and gratitude, acknowledging that it is God’s work and that we may live in the freedom and joy of allowing God to shape it through us.

Two images are important to how we shape the various expressions of our life and ministry.

ReservoirThe first is that of a reservoir which draws deeply on Living Water and serves others out of a fullness of the life of the Spirit.

Staffa PilgrimsThe second is that of a pilgrim, travelling lightly and simply, and moving forward with faith and hope into the mystery of God’s future.

We seek to live out the hospitality that is at the heart of the Gospel. First, the hospitality with which God receives us. Secondly, the hospitality we extend to ourselves. And thirdly, the hospitality that welcomes others in a spirit of love, compassion, listening and service.

As we continue to discern and plan the various expressions of Stillpoint, we will allow the above statements to guide our overall planning and our day to day living.

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Contact Us

Stillpoint Office:
at Christ Church Uniting
26 King William Road
Wayville SA 5034

Phone: (08) 8271 0329
(shared with Christ Church and
the Effective Living Centre)


Office Hours:
Thursday 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Email messages may also be sent at other times.

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