Believing that I have been guided by the Holy Spirit

            to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ more intently

            through Companionship of the Stillpoint Community,

            I vow and declare to God and this Community

            in the presence of the Church,

            that I will endeavour to faithfully live

            according to the Stillpoint Community’s Rule of Life,

            to the degree my state of life allows.


Recognising that our relationship with God is foundational in our Christian journey and discipleship, I will seek ways to deepen my relationship with God by centring my life on God.


Recognising that love for one another is our primary witness to Jesus, and that in community we grow into our true selves, I will seek to develop healthy, caring and peaceful relationships growing in community with others.


Recognising that how we live in the world is a response of faithfulness to God and a responsibility to the earth and all its inhabitants, I will seek to advance the peace and justice of God’s Kingdom through compassionate action in the world. 


Stillpoint Rule of Life – download pdf document here