Stillpoint at Christ Church contemplative worship services are held on 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at Christ Church Uniting, 26 King William Road, Wayville. These services will commence at 6.00pm and be followed by a small supper. Please see the 2019 Events Calendar for dates.

Stillpoint is open to those who wish to come from time to time to experience a gentle, renewing way of worship. And it is open to those who would like to join us in exploring inspiration from a fresh expression of church based on a quiet, contemplative style, and offering a way of life that balances prayer and action.

The services include prayers, symbols, words and music, meditation and silence, and Holy Communion. There is a time of community at the conclusion of the service for those who wish to stay on.

Come and receive the gracious gift of time to restore the sacred rhythm of work, rest and prayer, a rhythm that has sustained those seeking to live out the Way of Jesus Christ for centuries, but which so easily gets lost in the pressure to do many things and to absorb much information.

Stillpoint in Strathalbyn – Retreats and Spiritual Contemplative Spiritual Practice are available. For further information, contact Di Shearer (, 0448 536 835 or 08 8536 3937).


St Martin's Cross Iona

St Martin’s Cross Iona

Let us create moments of silence,
places of stillness,
when we may re-claim serenity,
calm and clear our minds,
and listen deeply.
Let us go into such silences
humbly and hopefully,
without props, without words,
without desperate searching,
only a desire to simply be.
Let us create moments of silence
for the sake of what we do;
for the sake of an unpeaceful world;
for the sake of a transitioning church;
for Jesus Christ.